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Work at home jobs for Moms are what we specialize in. Learn more about investing in real estate, short term rentals, and more of the most innovative ways to make money online. As a mompreneur and 2x fintech founder, and registered investment advisor, I can help supercharge your best life plan with your super woman capabilities! Learn more today!


If toddlers aren't smashing our computers they are pressing their face into ours. Work at home jobs for Moms are what we specialize in. With Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners you'll meet your inclusive partner in financial success. From investment guru stock market trading to life plan masterclasses and affiliate programs for Moms while working at home, we have the perfect investment plan for you. It is flexible for all of your unique Motherhood (or Fatherhood) needs!

On Time

We keep hearing we are facing a Motherhood Penalty. It's not just during Covid 19. As young girls we often weren't allowed to consider ourselves as part of the money hegemony. Media inundated us with men in charge of everything. This permeates our thought process. With the right guidance true equality will occur just in time for us to meet our financial commitments. But, we need to act now. You found us right in time. Start now, click the pink button above.


For our continual best life to happen, time is precious. We don't have time as Moms or Dads to kids of any age to waste with irrelevant information. Financial freedom happens when it's personalized to our situation. Working from home as a Mom was a plan but it was also a crisis turned opportunity. I have a young girl but most of us started as young girls not fully in control of our destiny. What works for us is uniquely personal & only works for us. We'll show you how to unleash your personal potential!


Have you heard the term women have to do it forward, backward, sideways, backflips. I, Lea have led in Fortune 100 America unfortunately in what continually became evident was a very discriminative environment, Northwestern Mutual. I was told this constantly there. If I was able to pierce this barriers so can you! I'm available for you 24/7 so we can empower our inner young girl who gets taken advantage of. Let's change this bulls*** life may try to penalize us with of being a Mother with a child. Learn how to be free in your best life!

Start Now! Work at home jobs for Moms are too important not to!
The question is in what? With so much opportunity in real estate and affiliate programs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’ve sorted through all the opportunities. As a registered investment advisory, it’s more than our job, helping you as our client is where our best life is too! We love helping spread the cheer, we’re raising a young girl. Her future as a woman depends on all of us. Let’s be the change. Besides, money looks grand on you with all of the services we offer:

Renowned Real Estate Investing

Short term or Long Term Property Acquisitions at Discount are our specialty, along with Selling Your House for the Best Price!

As a licensed real estate agent in Los Angeles, I can help guide you home!. I’m a fierce negotiator for my sellers; and we don’t stop until we get you the best price! On the buy side, we negotiate fiercely. The sign says for sale, I say the price needs to be lower! I can guide you home like I have immense experience in. I have run the #1 airbnb in both the city of Rancho Mirage in Southern California outside Los Angeles. I have also created the #1 airbnb in Sonoma, CA outside San Francisco in Northern California. Learn more here


Leading Stock Market Investing

Investing Profits Pros by Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is For Do It Yourself Investors & Private Wealth Clients

Put us to the Test on your most challenging issue like they usually do to women CEOs.

My nickname is the crusher, dubiously named by my top wealth manager peers.

We’ll help you take back what should have been your best life all along! We make your best lifestyle look easy in the stock market! In looking for the best jobs for Moms (and Dads) we curated our Do It Yourself Stock Investment Portfolios! We cover each asset class and tell you what to buy consistently! Currently our annual subscription is the price most charge per month. To gain your best friends in investing success as a DIY investor click here


Custom Financial Planning

Moms need an edge in the financial world, and we are it! FinancialPlans.Info by Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is for you!

Proven Track Record Backwards, Forwards, Every Which Way, we’ll get your goals drafted and your recommendations perfected! I have been licensed for 10 years and with my team we have many centuries behind us. Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners was founded at the end of 2016 with a mission of accessible financial planning. I, Lea, have curated thousands of financial plans with my teams and was the top advisor of my own practice; Marc my husband and cofounder was #8; objectivity at all costs is always our focus and is the cornerstone for wealth with Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners. Start now here



The idea makes sense. Sell our desirable businesses through online marketing; and get paid without any headache We’re ready for you! It’s early enough to get in and crush it! We’ll take care of the rest and you’ll get paid for helping someone. Likely you’ll help another Mom looking for the best work at home jobs, live out her best life plan with her girls or boys! Facepresses or eskimo kisses anyone? That’s what let’s us know we’ve done our ultimate job thanks to our toddler but always our baby girl. Life is personal. Start yours today or help someone else because what works for each of us is uniquely defined. Nobody is in a better position than the team who cares wholeheartedly, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners. Learn more about starting your custom financial plan for you or someone you’d like to impact through our Kartra run affiliate program. To opt in, click the image above.
We were millionaires by age 30
If we can do it, so can you! We'll show you! Start now!
Unique personal Best Life Planners
Money moves fast. Every day the world is spinning. Black Lives Matter isn’t just a Movement, it’s a lifestyle. Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is committed to every colored daughter, son, brother or sister who has ever faced discrimination. It’s part of all of our best life planning because it’s assurance at least our kids will be free. Let us help you be financially free so you can solve the rest of life’s problems!

Black Women

Money looks good on you Black Women!

Jewish and Arab Human Beings

Money looks good on you Jewish and Arab Women!

Stay at Home Dads

Being an entrepreneur working from home looks good on you Dad!

Entrepreneurs throughout the globe

Money looks good across the globe, it's the secret to peace!

Latina Moms (me to my toddler)

Money looks good on you Latina Woman!

Your Tribe

We don't play. We are here to make money while we sleep. Financial freedom = more facepresses from our kids.

We've invested in the best resources, all of which you can image as registered investment advisors and the first and major investors in some of the biggest fintech out there.
Your Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners have the perfect investment plan for you!

Investing in real estate

I, Lea, come from a long line of real estate experts, developers, and brokers. I grew up with my single Mom also a realtor and MBA going and searching houses. I'd often ask why one was more expensive than another. This is how I became the best real estate buyer and seller since I was a kid! So work with me! I will be your fierce negotiator and lifestyle experts. Let us guide you home 🙂

Stock Market Investing

Passive income needs big or small are our specialty! Your Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners have the perfect investment plan for you! DIY Investing Profits subscriptions were made by a Mom (and Dad) looking to branch out and work from home with work from home jobs for Moms.

Best Life Plan Investing

Work from home Moms are our speciality. As a working Mompreneur and Dadpreneur at home these days, we are dedicated to growing the tribe. We're not in crisis. This is an opportunity to make money online while having the luxury of your toddler. If you so choose, your young girl or boy will be face pressing you aka eskimo kisses!

Money is attracted to Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners & it can be to you too!
We’ve achieved what not many young girls, women; or Latin Men do in the stock market and real estate investing. We’re renowned trailblazers. Now as (Dads and) Moms we’re sharing our secrets to wealth; and how to “work” from home for you. Our forever focus is clients. Here’s some of investments that together we have achieved. The future is more fruitful partnering in your wealth planning. Get it girl:

Innovated the Idea of and invested to Co-Create the leading Artificial Intelligence Real Estate Brokerage

While still major investors, we are completely dedicated as we always have been throughout to our clients. However that was our first fintech company. It has raised $6mil and we remain major investors with no ties because our clients deserve the most objective and focused advice.

Leading Medical Acquisitions

Our cofounder Marc helped identify numerous companies to bring to groom and invest in for acquisition. He has many companies under his belt who he's gotten acquired in the stophisticated medical space. He left venture to help you, as our client because wealth must be managed; and emerging families deserve the resources for investment too.

Above and Beyond

Since me, Lea's early days s Editor-in-Chief, I have made it my mission to make a big impact. Simultaneously I was a leading advisor at the biggest financial services company. Nearly two decades later i continue to make my clients substantial free money in the form of qualified tax planning, asset protection and solid investment management for all occasions. I'm a renowned researcher as is my whole immediate family - a doctor (my Dad), sister's a PhD student & my Mom's an MBA, realtor & entrepreneur with a globally recognized interior design company. Your time is valuable and so is mine. Let's get you to the next step swiftly to accomplish your dreams!

Unleash Your Potential - Opportunities Await, click any of the links below to get started today!
Passive income, residual income, stock picks, financial plans, earnings, e-books, making money online happens in so many ways! Be an affiliate partner or a client today. Your best life plan is our priority. We'll be your best friends for financial success.
Asian business woman hold some of bank notes in hand with smiling face. isolated white

Historically the stock market has been for white anglo saxon wealthy men. Since 2003 we've been changing this!


We teach our kids about financial literacy young! Start your education plan today, or learn more about it first with our Financial Planning blog.

- ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ written on a blackboard. Blurred styled background.

From tax qualified planning to retirement and insurance, we have the most objective Information for you!

Family, Offspring, One Parent, Daughter, Single Mother

Growing up with a single Mom who is a realtor and MBA founder of a globally recognized interior design company, the founder Lea learned how to start companies young.


We help clients across the globe to invest wisely in real estate, the stock market and crypto currency.! Where you belong, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is there.


I, Lea, have developed two of the #1 Short term rentals in both Northern California & Southern. Let me help you navigate the market as your royal realtor!

Little boy like a Businessman with text DREAM BIG

Get the stocks to buy today through the Investing Profits Pros by Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners accessible advantage Subscription Services!

Asian business woman Throw bank notes in to the air with smiling face. isolated white

Money looks good on you Asian, Latina, Black, and all other women and devoted Dads around the world! Wealth with Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is your tribe!

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We hear often we are our client’s most valuable partner. Also refreshing is commongly used to describe us. Part of our secret is we’re objective. Since 2003 we haven’t stopped chasing the best. Now we’re seasoned in the industry. We are more resourceful and experienced than anyone else to help you breakthrough your financial best life plan! Enjoy your baby boomer lifestyle and on.

Oh and we try to hire only women, it’s part of our commitment to affirmative action but we have many men on board too! We train and educate for our team to live out their dreams with us as their partner not just their coach. You can inquire today about all kinds of opportunities as a new Mom working from home or a Dadpreneur.


Marc Boracchia


Chief Investment Officer, Registered Investment Advisor and Head of Investments at InvestingProfits.Pro


Lea Wiviott


Licensed Lifestyle Expert, Realtor & Investment Advisor. I focus on FinancialPlans.Info



VP, Customer Service

Real Estate and Custom Financial Planning Operations, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners Graduated Magna Cum Laude & a Founder

Asian business woman hold some of bank notes in hand with smiling face. isolated white


Operations Extraordinaire

Stock Market Investment Operations, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners Engineer Graduate & also a Complete Star

Since 2003 us two cofounders (husband and wife) behind Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, LLC have been helping real estate and investment clients. Here’s some of their proud to share stories of being a Boracchia Wiviott Wealth partner:
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Whether you are just starting your financial freedom journey, are a parent looking for a work from home job for Moms, a baby boomer nearing retirement, or living off your dividend income or other short term rental like airbnb income. we have your back as your Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partner. Get more face presses today!

Your Best Life Financial Plan as a Future Investment Guru

Your personalized financial plan is what is most desired. I can save you time and with my team we'll provide you a precise custom planning analysis after gathering your exact goals.


Normally this is $3,500 to $4,500 starting for our private clients. But this flat fee is a covid19 introductory online offer

All Stock Portfolios that Investing Profits Pros by Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners offers!

Vulputate a ridiculus cum


**Offer not available anywhere else. Limited time offer! This is normally over $2,000 if you buy them individually on InvestingProfits.Pro!

The master class in financial planning!

Laden with 150 pages and co-written with me, Lea, after curating 1000s of financial plans for emerging and then emerged industry leaders, and a dedicated PhD Professor in Economics.


$1,000/yr if billed annually, updates included

Cryptocurrency is the future. Do you know what the blockchain potential is for you?

Your Best Wealth Partners: the Blockchain Defined

How to invest in Cryptocurrency & What Wallet to Buy

More Secrets to Make a Killing from the Cryptocurrency List

What to Expect After I Make My Investment in the Blockchain

Real Estate

Be Free with me, Lea, your leading "Empire like a Girl"

s a Mom looking for the best jobs from home for Moms, I want badly for any young girl, Indian girl, Black girl, really woman but this is what they often call us.I want us to own all references to women as girls and crush it. Our empire is waiting. We, however, don’t wait for anybody. Your best life plan deserves you. Start with your ultimate lifestyle pros today – and get more facepresses.
We’ve led in multiple fortune 100 financial firms and venture capital. As the founders we are proud to be seasoned in what to many can feel like an intimidating world; The global stock market or real estate investing opportunities are for you, I assure you! Here’s some of our FAQs
Absolutely! Call (424) 625 – 8943 to see how we can help you get a free price and plan evaluation. We’ve bought and sold multiple homes and always remember what it’s like. Our team is here to make your process as smooth as possible; I specialize in selling your house at top dollar! If you prefer text me, I actually love text because I can usually respond faster! (323) 435 – 3398
The best way to succeed is via your own personal plan. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me even if we have similar characteristics. After curating thousands of financial plans, I have the experience to help you get more of what you want. With this in mind, there is no silver bullet. There are no guarantees offered ever by Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners or anything we are affiliated with either.
Our clients often reveal that right away they have a new sense of confidence in themselves! Keep in mind track record is no indication of future performance. You never until you try! 🙂
Of course. The truth is I can evaluate a property in any area and let you know the potential without seeing it. With that said, there are many factors math and science do not show. The energy of the home and neighborhood is one that no video can show. Rocks store energy and these radiate. So we recommend you to see a property in person before making a big investment. I am happy to help you in any way with all of your real estate needs! How can I best serve you today?

All financial planners are in essence financial advisors. They need to study and pass exams to obtain their licenses. However a person who calls himself or herself a financial advisor may not necessarily be a financial planner.I, Lea, am a financial planner. I have 8 licenses which is more than financial advisors and certified financial planners. Like them we are fee-based but after seeing our clients get screwed I also wanted to be sure and help clients with real estate. In addition financial advisors and even certified financial planners are not property and casualty licensed so they lack innate understanding of that as well. I am licensed in all wealth protection aka insurance in addition to transactional real estate so I can prevent my clients from again really getting screwed by the system that is supposed to protect them.

I together with my business partner husband have always been an unparalleled financial planner and started my training back in 2003. I’ve led in two financial services firms that are fortune 100s and this is now my second fintech company. My first fintech company was being on the founding team of CityBldr where I chose the CEO to build out the first AI real estate brokerage that is extremely renowned as being such by auditors like Pricewaterhouse Cooper, while focusing wholeheartedly also on my financial planning clients.

As you can see I am more than qualified to help you on the buy or sell side of real estate; or all traditional fee-based financial planning. As a registered investment advisory planning is our mission. We know how dramatic an effect we have in our client’s best lives; and my cofounder Marc, we are husband and wife, is the same influence on parents and clients. He has a prestigious venture capital background in the medical device sector and we have many sector specific advisors on our team including consumer staples like real estate and beyond as your renowned comprehensively licensed financial planning team! Work with us, you’ll be glad you did.

For more information about the difference between a financial advisor or financial planner, check out our blog! Click here for the FinancialPlans.Info blog post on the advantages or disadvantages.

Our YouTube channel and FinancialPlans.Info blog does a great job answering this question! We prefer to work as fee only financial planners. This is why we registered as an independent investment advisory. Certain transactions however pay a commission and that does not affect you as a client. For example real estate and insurance pay a commission irrespective of what you pay for the policy. We don’t charge broker fees on insurance and on real estate there are no other fees. For more information, contact us here or check out this blog post here (it’s our blog;) Or our news feed here with our youtube videos is where I answer these questions for the general public to better understand. It is important to know the difference between brokerage which works through commission and independent investment investment advisory which still has to build its own business but earns the same flat fee regardless of what you as the client buy.
Yes! So many people out there selling advice are not licensed! I have 8 licenses – real estate, securities and insurance. I’m also certified in long term care. Plus I have the experience as does my team. 😉
We started our career helping baby boomers and retirees, then specialized in the tech sector. Entrepreneurs are a specialty of ours but we work with everyone! Our experience shows that everyone needs a financial plan. We don’t discriminate and we make every effort to be accessible to everyone!