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Success Story: Lea Wiviott Boracchia An Inspiration To Girls and Women

Lea Wiviott Boracchia, a  female entrepreneur, businesswoman and co-founder of a
leading name wealth management company, tells us about her career and achievements.

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Lea Wiviott Boracchia is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, stock market expert and co-founder
of a leading name wealth management company. Lea believes that girls and women can succeed
and excel in any field if they are given a slight of opportunity. She herself is an inspiration to
many women and girls longing to establish a career in the wealth management industry.
Although, Lea says that it was not easy to reach the heights she has ascended.

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be
silent.” ~ Madeleine Albright

The statement was taken by heart by Lea, a Californian based entrepreneur, wealth manager and co-founder of Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners LLC. Remember the time, when the stock market and wealth management industry was predominated by the males?

But, defying all the odds, Lea has established a name for herself as a stock market expert and entrepreneur business woman in the industry.

Lea’s Early Years
Teenage Girl Financial Advisor

She started giving insurance and financial services as early as when she was just a 15 year old girl. Although, instead of managing it as a one-time affair, she kept investing her time in improving her knowledge and experience in the stock market and private wealth management.

Lea holds a unique experience of over 15 years in the investment world. She has held every position at wealth management firms that one can dream of. She was the Risk Management Expert and Insurance Agent at State Farm.

Lea was also the top financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual San Francisco for over 3 years. As a woman, this alone was shattering of the glass ceiling.

Lea has been an advisory board member at AdvisorBid Inc. and a director member of the board of directors at Knotis. Although, the calling to become an entrepreneur was always there, since she was a little girl. She had every quality of a successful leader and fintech innovator.

Holding different positions at different firms since she was a young girl helped her become an expert in the stock market and sophisticated private wealth management matters. This vast knowledge took the form of multiple startups founded by her.

She formed Capital BW LLC and Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners LLC as well as was the coach, first and major investor; and idea behind CityBldr, a leading commercial real estate company. Although, the fintech company that made her a well-renowned figure in the industry is Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners LLC.

Starting Her Own Firm to Help You Invest in the Stock Market and Beyond

The registered investment advisory firm was co-founded by her in 2016 along with Marc Boracchia. The firm provides a wide range of investment advisory services ranging from financial planning, stock market advice and business succession.

The firm has a core team of stock market experts working at its heart catering specialized services to its clients based on their requirements. Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners LLC has earned a name of its own due to its phenomenal service, leading research and investing as well as client first motto. The impeccable grit of Lea is behind her success, which made her achieve the – what seems to many, is impossible. She wants you to know even if you’re a young girl it’s not.

The major objective of the Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is to help our clients and other young girls be financially free.

They help their clients find success by sharing with their clients the best stock market and cryptocurrency holdings to buy; and allocate their assets.

They accomplish high level financial planning as well as provide masterclasses. The investment guru holding nothing back in the stock market masterclass has been revised 3 x to pack it with everything Lea and her team can think of. This drive to provide the best financial planning is why she and her team continue being a sounding board to clients’ success.

Often clients reveal a newfound comfort in and say their stock market picks and financial planning is refreshing. Think of Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners as the trailblazers in DIY private wealth management – and with inspirational and very caring stock market advice updates across all segments. They can help anyone to make a lot of money, including for little girls.

What is also innovative about the Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is they understand the risk in the stock market and in cryptocurrency. Here is a brief interview with Lea, that will give you insight into her mindset and her key success factors in the stock market and beyond.

Q. Why did you choose the wealth management industry even though it was predominated mostly by males?

Haha, great question! My Mother has her MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and is a luxury realtor and founder of an architectural design company, the trailblazers of Flex Vase worldwide. She ventured to China when I was a young girl setting up business relationships to start and expand her business.

My Dad is a renowned infectious disease doctor and a leader at the biggest private hospital in San Francisco as Director of Medicine. I grew up as a young girl being brought into high-level meetings.

My best friends are men- and have been since I was a young girl, but I’m passionate about my best girl friends too. Having great relationships with men isn’t something I ever considered relevant.

In retrospect, all this plus Marc’s Dad, and Marc is also my husband, his Dad being a trailblazer in medical venture capital instilled in me the belief that of course, I fit in. Empire like a Girl, my instagram, now is extra meaningful for me even though I’m a woman not a girl.

Defying all the odds to success

This is why upon entering finance as a young girl, I was more naive to the fact that the industry was predominated mostly by males. The last thing I ever considered was that the hegemons liked it this way; that they didn’t want girls or women.

Quite the opposite of the status quo especially for young girls is how I grew up. I grew up hearing constantly that I could do anything.

Growing Up As a Young Girl I Saw Success

I saw my entrepreneur Mom shattering the glass ceiling and launching the top-selling vase in Europe. My husband and I are high school sweethearts from Marin County, just outside San Francisco, CA; and I started in finance in high school.

The Reality for a Girl turned Woman in Finance

However, upon starting at Northwestern Mutual, the first thing I heard was that I wasn’t a good fit. I was hired because I had to be, and women having no representation weren’t something I was aware of. I just thought my former Managing Partner was socially awkward.

At this time I didn’t let myself consider it was because I was born a girl. Again I originally entered finance as a young girl at the age of 15 and was on track to start my own office at State Farm by the age of 23.

I’m really glad in retrospect that I didn’t realize how unique and innovative I could be in my next fortune 100. I began learning my influential relationship because of my gender in the industry later while at Northwestern Mutual.

Q. What odds did you face as a woman in this industry?

I was lucky in the sense that I got recruited into every firm and position that I’ve been in. In part due to my naivete, I truly didn’t see the odds. In retrospect, the odds are intentional and not just a result of ignorance. Don’t let people fool you.

At this point in time and with leaders, they have a duty to protect us. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my main experience. I faced supremacy and I am no longer as naive as I was. However, that naivete is also why I was able to succeed against odds that are less than 3%.

The odds of succeeding in my firm were worse than in the venture capital world that you hear about, and then compound that with being a woman the probability of success was almost non – existent, but I did it.

Q. What was your mindset behind opening your own wealth management firm? Nobody cares more than we do

Accessible wealth management is our calling. At the end of 2016, Marc and I founded Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, we didn’t quite realize how revolutionary our influence had been in finance and our community, but we were beginning to understand. We see things differently.

After witnessing first-hand abuse among the industry that we spoke out about – abuse against women, abuse against plans; after curating thousands of financial plans and in our own families the benefits and consequences of ill stock market advice, it’s ingrained that we owe it to ourselves to unleash the financial potential for the community.

The Wiviott Boracchia Track Record of Successful Clients

We catapulted so many famous companies as angel investors, as the leading financial planning team, from creating the perfect financial plan and investing in the top resources for our clients.

Both while in fortune 100 America for 7 years combined; and more than full-time; and another 7 years combined in our firm Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners.

Plus if you put our experience together, there’s another 14 years from my days at my first Fortune 100, State Farm; and Marc in venture capital. He was set to take over his Dad’s VC but after 4 years there left to start then Team Boracchia in 2013 which later became the LLC it is today. Today our prized wealth management practice is now our own independent registered investment advisory, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners.

My husband Marc and I have the same mindset

We help change the paradigm of money for the wealthy and also through many ways for the emerging hegemons that other advisors can’t say. Even more so due to Covid-19, we are online and it’s working out great for a lot of us to build accessibility to the stock market and beyond this

We see things differently. Wealth to us is not what’s in the account now; it’s in that and the opportunity we can help bring to market.

Q. What do you think makes your team excel at their work?

Dedication. Tremendous grit. We always made a conscious effort despite the trauma of competitors and even who were supposed to protect us to NOT let them win. Thus, we work really hard to endure the tough times and let me tell you it wasn’t easy, it was he** at times excuse my wording haha.

Despite the smear campaign from our former boss and competitors, we knew that being free as a registered independent advisory away from the brokerage world was well received. Beyond the stock market it continues to be the voice our clients need.

At the end of 2016, when we started our firm, there weren’t that many RIAs; and we formed our LLC and began the process to register as an investment advisory, which we earned soon after in 2017. Brokerages and other advisors in the stock market were afraid of this movement to transparency such as what we represent; but it hadn’t happened.

Now leading this success in the industry is Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners LLC.

Community Support

Fast forward, we’ve had the Women’s Movement, the biggest movement in history, and then the Black Lives Matter. These aren’t just movements, rather they’re a lifestyle now and they were then. That’s why they have breakthrough success into the mainstream.

How could we not excel with this much community support? These civil rights leaders have always been our clients. Rappers, athletes and women as well as minorities and innovative founders alike with young success strivers are our clients. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always peachy but this core support is everything, no matter how hard the work has ever been.

Now it’s getting easier and we have dealt with the pain and become stronger. Everything pales in comparison to start-up life especially, when your former company is trying to steal all your clients and future market share at any cost. So, that’s also really helpful and motivating these days to not let them mislead anyone and everyone deserve transparency anyways in the future.

Q. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?

My daughter! I always wanted to have 2 kids at least one by the age of 30. My husband Marc, who is also an entrepreneur and my business partner many of you may know, we are ferklempt or overwhelmed with joy by her.

The ability to set a good example has always been important. We, Marc and I’ve mentored since we were teens, through Big Brothers Big Sisters and in schools as leaders; but now being a parent that drive to succeed not for us but for her is everything in life. We are completely fulfilled. She’s our biggest success.

Q. How do you want to impact the industry and what is your vision for the future?

Did you see our recent article in Marketwatch? We are the trailblazers in DIY stock Investing!

Of course, we are gritty and have royal standards so we didn’t stop there. We curated financialplans.info and mybestlifestyle.pro we want anyone and everyone with a vision to have the efficacy to succeed. Efficacy is a great word!

I recommend everyone striving towards success in the stock market or anywhere start with identifying their level of efficacy in their true dreams.

Q. What is your message to the women whom you seek to inspire?

Tremendous grit is everything. Naivete is also surprisingly helpful. But take time off, write things down and if you find you need to escape too much, that may be a sign of abuse. It’s commonplace for women and minorities in finance. So be sure and recognize that independence is the best ingredient for your clients and for your own success.

Don’t let anyone fool you.

There are many resources and people who want to help you succeed. Throughout the ups and downs because you’ll have both as a success striver, keep your sparkle, don’t let anyone steal it.

So I want to reinforce being tremendously gritty and naive 😉 the world counts on your impact for happiness and there’s a very small difference between recognizing you’re an inspirational leader and someone who feels like a failure. Keep going because that next corner you turn could be the game-changer.

More Opportunities for Girls and Everyone to Succeed

If you want more opportunities sign up for our DIY investment subscriptions or masterclasses; or become an affiliate. We’re really excited about the flexible opportunities we provide for women.

We pride ourselves on being the convergence of DIY stock market investing in bonds and stocks for wealth management and your favorite motivational speaker.

Everything happens for a reason as my Mom an entrepreneur and luxury real estate agent says and my Dad, taught me to be great at what we do.

Through her work and achievements, Lea seeks to inspire the women who also want to reach the heights of success. Lea can be a perfect role mo