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*Above and Beyond Award from [X]Press Magazine, a winner of SPJ’s Best Student Run Magazine *Honored with incredible counsel and technologists at an event to celebrate us by a major tech company, Merrill *Top Advisor in the West for Advisors with the Company Under 5 Years for Almost All Calendar Year 2016 *Top 50 Financial Planner June 2015 – June 2016 *Helped Qualify Agency at State Farm for Select in 2013 *Nominated by Journalism Department Chair to Represent SFSU at KQED Watchdog Conference *100 Lives Club if our team finished out the calendar year & we would also have been in Cabo in February (all expenses paid) at Northwestern Mutual. We knew in our hearts we made a WONDERFUL IMPACT in our clients’​ lives first & foremost by always doing what’s right for clients. * Competed in the Regionals, and placed one away from Nationals! *Dean’s List at California State University Northridge Dean’s List at San Francisco State University Graduated from San Francisco State University Magna Cum Laude (Bachelor of Arts) *Recipient of the Awards for Design Excellence, the largest and most prestigious product design competition for furnishings and building materials marketed to the design and architecture trade *Recognized by Marin County Board of Supervisors for Excellent Policy Work
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We are gracious for our community’s support most of all our clients and only work in subject-matter we think we can help. We share our accomplishments that press has taken notice to in our effort to help establish credibility that our proud team at Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is better than the best. We provide strategic services that directly benefit our clients at the highest level possible. The team at Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners are community pillars and focused on raising their incredible toddler as well as dedicated to the various needs of our important clients. Some notable mentions of press are enclosed.
Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners LLC has received many requests including but not limited to from Bank Rate, and multiple other large financial industry outlets to be featured on our site and multiple times. We pride ourselves on being objective and really appreciate the support in sharing what we feel is relevant. We do not advertise on our site but we do reserve the right to if we ever feel it could be beneficial. We will never share any identifying data about our users ever. Sometimes dollars are helpful in keeping our doors open so if this becomes something we take we will make proper updates but we have NO plans to and see no reason to at this time. Thank you kindly!

Some of Lea’s and Marc’s past work have shown up on front pages of magazines and well known online publications; recently a company we were involved in since the beginning, CityBldr, was named most likely to change commercial real estate by one of the big 4 leading auditing companies, PWC as well as Remi Network, a leading real estate publication among other high profile publications. The reason: typical source’s values were often off. CityBldr helps uncover a home’s value. The machine learning company, which Lea and Marc were involved in from the beginning as large investors and more importantly innovators, found 22% in Seattle have 20% or more additional equity. In winter, 2017 Forbes named it the #1 artificial intelligence and commercial real estate company.

Capital BW, owned and invested in by Marc and Lea only, received honorable mention by Yahoo Finance.

Click here for the article Lea wrote about onimania (also known as shopping addiction) and a true threat to financial security for those who are vulnerable in our community.

Lea and Marc enjoy solving big problems and helping individuals and businesses achieve their dreams no matter how big or small. We like seeing our clients flourish and uncover their true desires which can be different than what they thought.

1. Lea was Nominated by the board of Women InIT Awards for Entrepreneur and Innovator of the Year, as well as Advocate of the Year & for Forbes 30 Under 30. 2. Lea and Marc were invited to do multiple events to discuss how their practice helps entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers at the currently most high profile San Francisco based social club, Modernist, which they were invited to be early investors in, and they were asked as well as featured in April and September, 2017 and February, 2018 respectively.

2. Lea and Marc received numerous awards from Northwestern Mutual that include LEAD, Top 50, #1 in the West, #1 in the Country, Life Impact Award, Emerald, Silver, and Gold!

3. Lea was scheduled to speak at Northwestern Mutual for being one of the top 2 advisors in the firms across the West but they split ways only a couple days beforehand. The team is very proud of their commitment and insurance and financial services background that led them to create Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners by taking the best (and ditching the rest) from the multiple big firms they’ve been apart of and led!

4. Lea was asked to do an inspirational talk at the biggest casualty company State Farm which ended up also being a training that was very well received. Lea was also invited to be a fledging member of the elite team member group which held seminars at State Farm, where she started her financial and insurance services career.) She soon left but they were interested in her going through their agency program which was at a very young age, years ago but she was 22 and went on to lead at another fortune 100 finance company before founding her and Marc’s firm, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, LLC 🙂 to help clients at what we feel is the highest level since we have no ties to other funds nor get paid on commission; and every client we are a fiduciary for and have a signed contract. The other companies can’t do this, they are paid on commission.

For our full list of speaking engagements click here:

Lea was honored and invited to mingle with female general counsel in tech companies and women entrepreneurs in an exclusive event by a high profile company specializing in IPOs, October, 2017. She was invited again in 2018 to honor her and other impressive women in tech by Merrill Corporation.
Lea was asked to speak at University of San Francisco’s Women in Finance Panel with one of the leading CNN news anchors and the first female stockbroker of San Francisco.
Marc was asked to and spoke with one of the largest investment banks, Deutsche in the bank’s corporate headquarters.
We also have spoken at various tech coworking spaces such as the Silicon Valley Pad about issues relevant to entrepreneurial types of people and innovative companies.
While in leadership at the biggest life insurance company, Marc was asked often to speak with the Fastrack class of new financial representatives which was at Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune 100 Company, which he did often.
While in leadership at the biggest life insurance company, Lea was also asked and spoke to the Fastrack class of new financial representatives at Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune 100 Company.
*Pending: Lea will be speaking soon to a female organization with around 500 members. (Ask us if you want to know more about it however invitation is for organization members only.)

We take strong measures for our clients to maintain privacy and financial planning, investing profits and your best lifestyle all with Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, LLC is what keeps you as our client ahead of your potential. We will never sell your data.


If you would like to contact us about speaking engagements, becoming a client, or other community involvement you can drop us a line at Team@MyBestLifestyle.Pro We look forward to hearing from you and more importantly helping make an impact in your pursuit. What is keeping you or your community up at night? Please let us know, click below!

CityBldr was thought of by Lea with Marc and Bryan in Marc and Lea’s apartment. Lea came up with the idea. Lea and Bryan were best friends. As the press took off, Lea and Marc were by Bryan’s side happily the financial planners. As you can see Forbes ranked CityBldr #1, PWC also named them the company likely to change real estate as we know it. CityBldr found billions in arbitrage. Also, Lea was featured in invite only social club Modernist who’s members include the technology elite, and only the founders and investors.

Below you can see some of the magazines that Lea was in as editor-in-chief and an article she wrote back in 2009 on the first Black South African to vote. Lea and Marc are major civil rights activists and very proud of the Black Lives Matter Movement and women’s marches that have since occurred.

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